Can MonsterCloud Provide Valuable Cyber-Security?

Business leaders rely on MonsterCloud cyber-security solutions to protect their business systems, as well as data from their customers and partners. By nailing down the right investments, a company can protect its data, maintain the confidence of its customers and manage its security costs and resources in a prudent manner. Times are changing, which means cyber-crimes are also. In the past, cybercrime was quite the craft enterprise. Now it is an organized activity:

  • It targets a company’s trade secrets in order to take an unfair advantage over a business. It is, therefore, imperative to protect said data.
  • It affects a person’s market shares because of the distrust it generates. Hence the need to reassure customers.
  • It hampers a company’s productivity when its teams need to intervene on a security breach, restore systems, and enhance protection devices.
  • It entails the risk of fines and legal costs in the event of non-compliance with the regulations and actions before the courts.

Any business leader should ask themselves what level of security their company needs? How can one measure their cost-benefit ratio? How can he or she maximize their investment in cyber-security?

Internet security is a topic that no one can afford to ignore. In today’s world, cyber-security and internet security is one in the same. A person’s device, phone, car, home, workplace and even their clothes are interconnected to clear borders and bring the world closer together, but it also opens Pandora’s box of associated threats. For those who do not believe this, pay attention to these figures: Symantec reported that the number of new and unique malware increased by 36% last year to reach more than 430 million.

These are 430 million new viruses in addition to the 280 million created the previous year, and all those created years before that. Needless to say, the volume of viruses has reached gigantic numbers. To boot, they do not even represent the magnitude of the threats facing today’s Internet users. Some of the most common types of attacks include targeted attacks to shut down large businesses and/or the Internet, smartphone threats, social network scams, and connected object vulnerabilities.